Special Meeting for Mission and Outreach on September 6

As a Coptic Orthodox parish, what is our mission? How do we relate to the world around us? All too often, local parishes like ours become cultural centers in which meetings and services target a tiny cultural minority.

At St. Gregory, however, we have a different goal. In order to fulfill our mission and participate in Christ’s work for the salvation of the world, we must first discover and be awakened to our connection with the world.

To help in this process, we will have a special meeting discussing mission and outreach to non-Orthodox brothers and sisters on Tuesday, September 6 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. featuring two special guest speakers who recently converted to Orthodoxy in the Coptic Church. They will share their experience with us so that we might better understand what it’s like for the numerous people we hope to reach with our mission.

For servants, this meeting is mandatory, and for all others, it is highly recommended.