Youth Discussion with Fr. Moses

Please join us for a guided discussion on some recent hot-button issues regarding chauvinism and feminism with regard to the Orthodox Church.

The purpose of this discussion is to shed light on some “controversial” issues the Church is facing in this post-modern era. This discussion is meant for BOTH the ladies AND the gentlemen and will, God willing, answer some of your questions regarding the differences between men’s and women’s roles in the church, the importance of partaking and not partaking in Communion for men and women, why the Church has traditionally segregated the sexes during services, and much more.

Fr. Moses will be joining us. Bring your friends, some thoughtful questions and an eagerness to learn. You will come out of this discussion much more enlightened.

This event will take place this Thursday night, 8/11/16, at 7:30pm. Please contact Michael Salama for location details.